AE Customs - Water Filter Systems

AE Customs is a special production facility and has everything in-house to design and produce high quality filter systems. Whether it concerns small or large numbers. AE Customs is a special branch within Aqua Exclusive and brings water filtration to a new level.

You pass on your idea to us with the necessary information and we will put it in motion. We turn your personal desires into reality, right down to the final detail, and create a unique custom filter system – employing select materials, technical sophistication and, of course, real craftsmanship. Our products meet the highest standard. 

In recent years we have made filter systems for various companies: zoos, government agencies focused on aquaculture, fish farms, aquaponics and hydroponics farms, landscaping companies but also private individuals with a koi pond or large aquarium. Every day filters leave our factory to customers all around the world. The filters are packed in wooden pallet boxes and delivered to your door. Have you ever seen them pass by? Now you know what's inside!