Fully automatic self cleaning RDF from the Aqua Exclusive Green Line rdf. Suitable for Koi ponds, aquariums, and fish farms. USA drum filter, pond filter.

Green Line RDF 30

Green Line RDF 30

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This Rotary Drum Filter (RDF) is a part of the Aqua Exclusive™ Green Line. It's a pre-filter system and is used to remove large and small particles from the water in a quick mechanical way. The Aqua Exclusive Green Line RDF 30 is a fully automatic self-cleaning filter system that has it own control technology and ensure a continuous operation of the filter. Cleaning the filter yourself is a thing of the past! Proudly made in the Netherlands.

Type: Mechanical filtration
Max capacity: 30.000 LPH (8000 GPH)
Water volume: Up to 60.000 Liters (16000 Gallon)
Suitable for: Aquaculture, Aquaponics systems, Koi ponds, Large aquariums, Hydroponic farms and more!
IMPORTANT: Due to the large number of orders, the waiting time for the Green Line RDF 30 2023 has now increased to 2 weeks. Updated 02-05-2023
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Aqua Exclusive™ Green Line RDF 30 (Rotary Drum Filter)

The Aqua Exclusive Green Line RDF 30 is a professional and automatic pre-filter system. It's a mechanical filter, mechanical filtration is the first step in the filtering process. The task is to remove faeces and other particles from the water before they break down in ammonia or nitrite. Smaller particles are harder to capture and result in adverse water quality conditions. Organic loading increases bacterial growth, reduces the biological filter performance and decreases water quality. The Green Line RDF 30 remove these faeces and particles from the water and discharges them to the sewer, the filter works fully automatically. Cleaning the filter yourself is a thing of the past.

How does the Aqua Exclusive™ Green Line RDF 30 work?

The Aqua Exclusive Green Line RDF 30 has three inlets and two outlets. Water flows trough the inlets into the filter. Then the water is filtered through the periphery of the drum and particles are carefully separated from the water through the special cell structure of the filter panel. As solids build up on the filter panel, the automatic system starts rotating the drum and initiates the cleaning process. Solids are gently rinsed off the filter panel with the special stainless steel nozzles and collected in the waste trough and discharged. These nozzles are fed by a stainless steel high pressure pump that is build inside the filter. The filtration continues on clean filter panel during the rinse process, this allowing a continuous filtration process. This cycle is repeated as often as necessary and fully automatic! Our unique design of the filter panels prevents fragmentation through careful handling of the solids. This high filtration efficiency is essential in optimizing water quality parameters. The Aqua Exclusive™ Green Line RDF 30 comes standard with a 70 micron filter panel, but can easily changed with a finer or coarser filter panel.

Aqua Exclusive Green Line

This RDF (Rotary Drum Filter) is a part of the Aqua Excluisve Green Line. With the launch of the Aqua Exclusive™ Green Line, we bring a professional and complete automatic filter line to the market. A very efficient en compact filter line with the latest techniques in the field of water purification. This premium filter line offers exceptional performance with very low energy consumption. Cleaning your filter is a thing of the past! The Aqua Exclusive Green Line consists of a rotary drum filter, biological filter and uv-c system. This filter line can remove large and small particles in a quick mechanical way with the drum filter, removes ammonia, nitrite and nitrate with the bio filter and kills bacteria, viruses and even fungi with UV! This filter line ensures clean and clear water and is fully automatic with little to no maintenance! The filters are delivered ready-to-use and only need to be connected. Proudly made in the Netherlands.

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Model: Green Line RDF 30
Brand: Aqua Exclusive™
Product: 300101
Model year: 
Type of filtering: Mechanical filtration
Type of filter: Rotary drum filter
Water volume: Up to 60.000 Liters (16000 Gallon)
Minimum water flow: No minimum flow required
Maximum water flow: 30.000 LPH (8000 GPH)
Installation: Gravity / Airlift / Pump fed setup
Filter weight: 35kg (77 lbs)
Inlet pipes: 3x 110mm (4" inch)
Outlet pipes: 2x 110mm (4" inch)
Drain pipe: 1x 110mm (4" inch)
Materials: Stainless steel 316L, Polypropylene, ABS, SBR, PMMA
Voltage: 2 options: 110v and 220v
Power consumption 24/7: 7 watts
Power consumption during rinse process: 435 watts
Duration rinse process: 12 seconds
Water consumption rinse process: 3 Liters
Filter panel: Standard with 70 micron (Optional: from 24 up to 300 micron)
Suitable for: Aquaculture, Aquaponics systems, Hydroponics systems, Fish farms, (koi) ponds, (Large) aquariums, Natural swimming pools and more!
Dimensions (Lenght x Widht x Height): 850 x 520 x 475 mm (33.5" x 20.5" x 18.7")
Manufacturer: Aqua Exclusive B.V.
Country of origin: The Netherlands


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Download PDF: Manual Green Line RDF 30

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