UV Ozone System

UV Ozone System

UV Ozone System

The UV Ozone System increases the capacity of the filter and enriches the water with oxygen thus creating a healthy environment for your fish.

UV Ozone system:
- Crystal clear water!
- Kills nearly all algae, bacteria and viruses.
- Removes colourings, nitrite, residues of medicines and pheromones.
- Suitable for fresh and salt water!

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The UV Ozone system is placed in the piping of your filter line. The water must be fed to the device through the venture unit by a pump. Air is automatically drawn in by the water pressure of the water in the venture. The water pressure can be read on the pressure gauge and is adjustable via the ball valve. The ideal water pressure is between 0.4 and 0.7 bar. The ozone that remains between the quartz sleeve and the ozone UV-C lamp is then drawn through the venture unit and mixed in the water. This is when the very powerful oxidation and sterilization of the water occurs. Then the ozone-charged water passes the stainless steel housing and is exposed to the powerful UV-C radiation, 35% of which is also reflected by the polished interior. All the ozone particles that have done their work are broken down by this radiation and converted into oxygen. As such, after passing the UV-C radiation, there is no residual ozone in your water.

Ozone has been used for decades for disinfecting drinking water and for purifying air. This substance has very strong oxidation and sterilisation properties on all organic substances and takes away unpleasant odours. This makes it one of the most effective means of sterilisation for water treatment. 

UV -C radiation and Ozone together form the perfect combination for making water immaculately clean and rich in oxygen. Ozone and UV-C kill algae, viruses and bacteria.

The use of Ozone is a natural process which is artificially imitated by the UV Ozone System

The system produces about 0.6 grams of Ozone.

The High Pressure version operates through a venturi injection system with a ball valve to mix the ozone with water. Inlet/outlet is 63mm. Max. flow ± 20.000 Liters/ 5.250 Gallons.

Once disinfection has taken place then the water mixed with ozone is carried passed the combination lamp again but this time there is a quartz glass housing as a partition.

The water is exposed to UV -C radiation (80 watt UV-C output) so that nearly all algae, bacteria and viruses are killed. The UV-C radiation also completely down any risidual ozone. The system produces ozone which is 100 % safe, there is no ozone left in the water flowing out.

The UV Ozone System increases the capacity of the pond filter and enriches the pond water with oxygen thus creating a healthy environment for your fish!


What is ozone?
Ozone consists out of three oxygen atoms (O3) and is produced from oxygen. Oxygen consists of two oxygen atoms. Ozone is very unstable and want to fall back to oxygen as soon as possible, therefore it will reacto with most substances to lose one oxygen atom

Where is ozone used for?

Ozone is used to remove substances from water that are difficult to separate from it. You might think for example of colourings, nitrite, residues of medicines and pheromones. However, it will also kill bacteria, parasites and viruses and it will do this much more effectively than a UV lamp. It is just reacting, however, with substances, parasites, bacteria, etc. which are passing through the system. Reason why the good bacteria which are contained in your filter will not be attacked. After the ozone will have carried out its work, merely pure oxygen will remain! The use of ozone will reduce the parasite and bacterial pressure and thus decrease the chance of illness.

Ozone will react with the bacteria and parasites which may be present in the water. In normal use, it will lower the risk for diseases in your pond but not to such an extent that it is bad for the fish. However, if the redox become too high it may be that the risk for diseases become so low that the resistance to disease of the fish will be reduced. With a good ozone system, ozone only react with substances which flow through the reactor or mixer and your filter bacteria will not be affected.

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