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MBBR 250 PRO – Moving Bed Biofilter

Aqua Exclusive™ MBBR 250 PRO Moving Bed Biofilter

The Aqua Exclusive MBBR 150 PRO (Moving Bed Biofilter or Biofilm Reactor) is a biological filter, fabricated to provide biological filtration and maximize oxygen concentration while enabling organic load degradation. The MBBR 250 PRO has 250 liters of filter media and can process up to 1.7kg (3.75lbs) of feed per day!

The non-treated water swell is continuously mixed with air/oxygen, while the organic load is degraded biologically by microorganisms. This bio-film layer is formed on and in suspended polyethylene floating media. Our Moving Bed Biofilter Reactor is a tested and proven biological filtration solution that allows high oxygen concentration and excellent TAN removal at the smallest possible footprint. The MBBR systems are applicable to any biologically charged water volume and it is commonly used to fresh and marine RAS farms and hatcheries.

The PE bio media provide on their surface the optimum environment for the biofilm layer growth and activity. The activity of the micro-organisms biofilm conversion of the organic load to NO3 is enhanced by continuous air/oxygen infusion into the moving bed reservoir.

Suitable for:
Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 95 × 65 × 63 cm

110-120V 60Hz, 220-240V 50Hz


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