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TF150 PRO – Trickle Filter Bakki Shower

Aqua Exclusive™ TF150 PRO Trickle Filter Bakki Shower

The TF150 PRO Trickle Filter/Bakki Shower is a biological filter system. The filter tower consists of specially shaped containers that can filled with filter media. The water will flow downward and causes a layer of microbial slime (biofilm) to grow, covering the bed of media. Splashing, diffusion, and the forced air flow through the system maintain aerobic conditions.

A trickle filter is often referred to by the terms filter, biofilter, biological filter, and biological trickling filter. These systems are referred to as roughing filters, intermittent filters, packed media bed filters, alternative septic systems, percolating filters, attached growth processes, and fixed film processes.

TF150 PRO Trickle Filter optimal oxygen enrichment

The TF 150 PRO Trickle Filter is not just any biological filter. We have further developed the existing trickle filter/bakki shower concept. The special design ensures optimal intake of fresh air. The filter draws in this air for degassing and oxygen enrichment of the water.

One of the most commonly measured constituents of aquaculture wastewater is the biochemical oxygen demand, or BOD. A variety of pathogens and organic substances comprise wastewater. Organic substances refer to molecules that are based on protein & carbon and include fecal matter as well as fats, greases and fish food particles. These large organic molecules are easily decomposed by bacteria in a TF150 PRO Trickle Filter. However, oxygen is required for this process of breaking large molecules into smaller molecules and eventually into carbon dioxide and water. The amount of oxygen required for this process is known as the biochemical oxygen demand or BOD.

The microbial biomat or biofilm

Because BOD serves as a food source for microbes, BOD supports the growth of the microbial biomat which forms as a biofilm on the surface of the bio media inside the trickle filters. This is both good and bad. On the one hand, a healthy biomat is desired because it is capable of removing many of the bacteria and viruses from the waste water. The bacteria in a healthy biomat also digest most of the remaining BOD. Too much BOD, however, can cause excessive growth of bacteria in the biomat. If the BOD is so high that all available oxygen is consumed the biofilm will turn to anaerobic. This causes the desirable bacteria and protozoans in the biobead to die, resulting in diminished treatment of the water.

Anaerobic bacteria and oxygen

Low oxygen in the biobead also encourages the growth of anaerobic bacteria (bacteria which do not require oxygen for growth). Many anaerobic bacteria produce a mucilaginous coating which can quickly clog a filter. Thus, excess BOD in the water can cause a biological filter to function poorly and even to fail prematurely. This is why the TF150 PRO Trickle Filter is essential for high bioload aquaculture facilities.

BOD is fairly easy to remove from the water by providing a supply of oxygen during the treatment process. The oxygen supports bacterial growth which breaks down the organic BOD. Most enhanced LSS treatment units incorporate some type of unit which actively oxygenates the water to reduce BOD. It is also important to note that BOD serves as the food source for the denitrifying bacteria which are needed in LSS systems where bacterially-mediated nitrogen removal takes place. In these situations BOD is desired, as the nitrification/de-nitrification process cannot operate efficiently without sufficient BOD to support the growth of the bacteria which accomplish the process.

Which filter media in the TF150 PRO Trickle Filter

Far Infrared Bio Media is a premium filter medium made from mineral rock. This porous rock is fired at high temperatures and a perfect filter medium for the TF150 PRO Trickle Filter. To achieve optimal results, water should flow over the media at high speed.

The microscopic pores immediately ensure the rapid growth of high concentrations of bacteria that immediately improve the water quality enormously. The bacteria then filter harmful substances such as ammonia, nitrite and nitrate from the water.

The TF150 PRO Trickle Filter in combination with Far Infrared Bio Media improves your water quality up to 16 times more effectively than aerated underwater filtration! Far Infrared Bio Media also provides an increased redox value.

The TF150 PRO Trickle Filter will last decades or even a lifetime.

We produce our filters with the greatest care and precision in one of our production locations in the Netherlands. Because we use high-quality stainless steel (SS316L) and carefully treat the metal after welding, this system will last for decades!

Stainless steel 316L has superior corrosion resistance compared to standard 304 stainless steel, making it more durable in harsh and corrosive environments and holding up well under extreme conditions.

  • To prevent the filter media from clogging, we recommend installing a pre-filter. By combining the TF150 PRO Trickle Filter with a Rotary Drum Filter you have a very efficient and fully automatic filter installation with little to no maintenance!
  • Is one TF150 PRO Trickle Filter too small for your tank volume? You can easily place two or more next to each other.
  • Do you already have filter media or do you want to use a different type of filter media? Then order the filter without media, this will save you money.
  • This filter is suitable for: RAS Aquaculture, Fish Farms, Aquaponics greenhouse, Hydroponics, Aquariums, (Koi) Ponds, Natural swimming pools and more!
Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 95 × 65 × 63 cm
Filter media

Far-Infrared Bio Media, No filter media


Pipe Outlet, Waterfall Outlet


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