RDF 30 PRO Rotary Drum Filter

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Aqua Exclusive™ RDF 30 PRO Rotary Drum Filter

The Aqua Exclusive RDF 30 PRO rotary drum filter, is a professional-grade and fully automatic pre filter system. Constructed with high-quality materials like stainless steel 316L and 15mm/20mm thick polypropylene from Germany!

How does the RDF 30 PRO Rotary Drum Filter work?

Water flows through the inlets into the filter. The special cell structure of the filter panel meticulously separates particles from the water. Solids accumulate on the filter panel. As soon as the filter panel is saturated, a sensor will register this and the automatic system will start the cleaning process. The drum will start rotating and the stainless steel nozzles rinse the solids off the filter panel into the drain gutter. The drain gutter can be connected to a sewer so that everything is automatically discharged. You can also let it flow to a spot in the garden or barrel.

The nozzles are fed by an industrial high-pressure pump that is attached to the filter by means of 2 reinforced EPDM hoses. The filtration continues on the clean filter panel during the rinse process, this allowing a continuous filtration process. This cycle repeats as often as necessary and fully automatically!

Our unique design of the filter panels prevents fragmentation through careful handling of the solids. This high filtration efficiency is essential in optimizing water quality parameters. The filter is designed in such a way that the water can flow through the filter without any back pressure, which significantly reduces power consumption compared to older filter methods. All this makes RDF PRO Rotary Drum Filter a very efficient pre-filter system with little to no maintenance!


Some key features from the RDF 30 PRO

High-Quality Design: The RDF 30 PRO drum filter is known for its high-quality design and construction. It is handmade in the Netherlands with the utmost care and precision from high quality materials.

Efficient Filtration: The RDF 30 PRO offers highly efficient filtration performance, effectively removing feces and other particles in a quick mechanical way from the water. This results in optimal water conditions and healthy fish.

Low Maintenance: The self-cleaning design of the filter means that it requires relatively low maintenance compared to old type filtration systems.

Space-saving: The filter is compact and space-saving, making it a great option for situations with limited space.

Cost-effective: The rotary drum filter is cost-effective compared to old type filtration systems, especially when considering their long lifespan and low maintenance requirements.

Filtration without flow interruption: The filtration inside the RDF continues on the clean filter panel during the rinse process, allowing a continuous filtration process.

Gold plated connectors: The cables from the RDF 30 PRO rotary drum filter are equipped with gold plated waterproof connectors (IP68). This ensures an optimal connection and prevents short circuits due to moisture/water.

Easy installation: The RDF 30 PRO is a plug and play system. We advise to use flexible rubber couplings to connect your PVC pipes to the in- and outlets of the filter.

German-quality polypropylene: The housing of the RDF is made of 15 and 20 mm thick German-quality polypropylene, considered the best available on the market!


Suitable for:
Weight70 kg
Dimensions95 × 65 × 63 cm

110-120V 60Hz, 220-240V 50Hz

25 reviews for RDF 30 PRO Rotary Drum Filter

  1. Alejandro1978

    One of the few rotary drum filters that can be placed on salt water tanks. Very effective, it is even possible to connect the spray bar of the drum to your tap water, but you must place a valve between the pipe that is connected to the control box. Works fine with 3 bar.

    Removes a lot of dirt from our lobster tanks.

  2. E.Roderiques

    Buen filtro para acuaponia.

  3. Siegfried Müller

    Der RDF Filter wurde schnell geliefert, innerhalb von 2 Tagen mit DHL Express. Der Filter funktioniert sehr gut, hat in den ersten Tagen sehr viel Algen und Schmutz aus dem Wasser entfernt. Ohne UV ist das Wasser jetzt sogar glasklar.

  4. Peter_Ross

    The drum filter works great on our indoor pond. At the beginning the filter removed a lot of dirt from the water and after a few weeks the water was crystal clear. We no longer see any dirt floating.

    The water is at about 68°F. It is an interesting system to look at every day, I also often check how much dirt the RDF has removed from the pond. Impressive system.

  5. EmilyWright

    We ordered two filters for our 11.250 gallon natural swimming pond with koi. We have made our biological filter ourselves and a large plant filter. Had contact with Maurice several times, gave us many tips and answered our questions nicely. Water is crystal clear, we have two 5,000 gallon per hour pumps installed on the filters. Everything runs automatically and we have little maintenance on it, definitely recommended. Greetings from California!

  6. John.72

    Well packed.

  7. jake1989

    Good filter

  8. Sophia j.

    I can see to the bottom for the first time in forever! Before there was so much waste and muck in the water/on the sides that I could only see my beautiful fish when they came to the surface, I LOVE this filter! ????

  9. kaye chen

    ordered monday morning, arrived wednesday. Sent from amsterdam netherlands to houston texas, i don’t know how they manage it so fast. Packed very well in plywood.

  10. nathan1981

    Better than I could have hoped! Easy to install and filters a lot of algae and dirt from the water.
    FYI: The filter does not come with a pond pump, I bought one here at the local store.

  11. Speedpete

    Its working great.

  12. Peter H. Helffrich

    water quality has greatly improved for my tilapias. very happy with this drum filter

  13. Koi House

    Good service fast delivery USA. Koi House

  14. TDNZ

    Used this rdf to protect my large fountain pump from becoming clogged with leaves and other debris. This the product does perfectly. Never thought it would at the same time clean the water. But that it does, magnificently. Very happy. Easy to install. Whereas previously I had to clean my pump every three days or so, I have now left it unattended for more than a month: clear water, no pump clogging.

  15. L.Dubois

    Bon filtre, livré rapidement.

  16. Williams76

    I was asked to leave a review. Very impressed with the quick delivery from the Nehterlands. Installed the rdf 30 pro filter last week and removes a lot of dirt from the water. The service is good too, had contact via live chat a few times.

  17. Maxe

    Es hat nur 10 Tage gedauert. Jetzt ist der Teich super klar.

  18. Glen Miller

    We were on the point of giving up. Our pond water was totally green every summer, and we could only see the fish when they were within the top foot or two of water. We tried different filters, barley, and algicides. Nothing worked.

    Our pond is 8’X10′, with half of it 2 feet deep, and half 4 feet deep, so there’s a lot of water in it. Previously we had an Aquaviolet filter, but it just didn’t do the job.

    We were going to give our fish away and fill in the pond. Purchase of this drum filter was a last attempt. The results have been amazing. The water is crystal clear, and we can see right to the bottom of the pond. We used to have to pull the pump out every second day to wash the algae off the mesh bag protecting it, and we changed the pond water every second week. UV lights, different filters, nothing seemed to work. That’s all changed now. The filter is expensive, but we are very happy with it.

  19. Raphaël.K

    Livraison rapide

  20. mikehoward

    Works well on our 11,400 gallon koi pond.

  21. Meyer

    Die Installation ist sehr einfach.
    Kann den trommelfilter nur weiterempfehlen.

    Liebe Grüße,

  22. A.Nguyen

    Good filter, we even filter 9200 gallons per hour through it with our gravity setup. This model is better than the built-in pump systems, it is much quieter during the cleaning process. Nguyen

  23. Paul Morphy

    This filter cleared up my water garden as never before. Until this, I was using a smaller filter that contained a pump as well and I had to change the filter every day and the water was still very murky. I bought this in combination with a separate pump and it works like a charm. Water is now crystal clear

  24. Hans Häusler

    Ich habe seit über 12 Jahren ein Oase-Teichfiltersystem und war sehr zufrieden damit, bis das System kaputt ging. Da dieser Filter nicht mehr erhältlich war, habe ich mich auf die Suche nach Alternativen gemacht und bin auf Aqua Exclusive gestoßen. Das RDF-System läuft jetzt seit 4 Wochen und ich bin begeistert: sehr kompakt und sehr einfach zu montieren. Das Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis ist ausgezeichnet. Schon nach einem Tag bemerkte ich einen Unterschied in der Klarheit des Wassers. Kleiner Nachteil: Sie sind sehr ausgelastet, daher betrug die Lieferzeit 3 ​​Wochen statt 2-5 Werktage.

  25. Fredy Aceves González

    Pricey compared to a mat filter but definitely worth the money!
    Arrived on time. Well packaged and easy to assemble. Works great in our pond.

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