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Aqua Exclusive™ ULTRA UV-C 200

The Aqua Exclusive™ ULTRA UV-C system can be used for water treatment against bacteria, viruses, moulds, yeasts, spores, protozoa and algae. These low pressure UV systems are made with the latest techniques in the field of water purification and designed with no compromises to obtain lowest possible operating costs. Key factors are unmatched lamp life time of 16000 hours and highest possible energy conversion ratios. Robust design and perfectly matched lamp drivers also ensures stable and faultless performance. The material ensures operational excellence across several applications, due to its exceptional durability, temperature resistance and pressure resistance, being able to withstand the most corrosive environments around the globe. Suitable for fresh and salt water in the private, recreational and industrial sectors.

How does the ULTRA UV-C 200 system work?

Water is pumped through the UV system, where it comes into contact with UV-C radiation. This radiation attacks the DNA structure of single-cell micro-organisms in the water, such as bacteria, viruses and algae. As a result they can no longer reproduce and they disappear from the water.

Suitable for:
Weight70 kg
Dimensions95 × 65 × 63 cm

110-120V 60Hz, 220-240V 50Hz


HDPE, Stainless Steel 316L


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