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CP-50 PRO – Water Circulation Pump

Aqua Exclusive™ CP-50 PRO Water Circulation Pump

The Aqua Exclusive CP-50 PRO is a powerful and versatile circulation pump. This pump is equipped with an external controller, with which you can vary the flow.

Circulation pump with controller

This circulation pump is equipped with a external controller. This allows you to easily increase or decrease the flow. You can also choose to pause operation. By adjusting the flow as desired, you can easily save on your electricity costs. You choose exactly the pump capacity you need.

Power Consumption

The controller also gives you a good insight into the power consumption of the circulation pump. The display shows how many watts the pump uses. For the CP-50 PRO, the consumption is between 200 and 600 watts. This gives you an even better insight into the consumption of this circulation pump.

Can be installed wet and dry

With this circulation pump you can choose the setup that best suits your installation. This circulation pump is suitable for installation in the water as well as dry installation. The pump is not self-priming, so it is important to always place it below the water level.

Protected against dry running

If the circulation pump runs dry, it will switch off automatically due to a dry-running protection. If no more water is drawn in for 2 minutes, the pump will switch off. 30 seconds later the pump attempts to restart. If there is still no water available, the pump switches off. Have you solved the problem? Then remove the power plug from the socket and plug it back in. Now the pond pump starts working again.

Suitable for:
Weight N/A

110-120V 60Hz, 220-240V 50Hz


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