Rotary Drum Filter or RDF

What is a Rotary Drum Filter?

A Rotary drum filter (RDF) is a mechanical self-cleaning pre filter system, which is designed for high performance water-treatment systems. It uses a rotating drum to filter solids out of the water. Drum filters were previously mainly used in aquaculture systems, but nowadays they are used for many applications like:

How does a rotary drum filter work?

Water flows through the inlets into the filter. The special cell structure of the filter panel meticulously separates particles from the water. Solids accumulate on the filter panel. As soon as the filter panel is saturated, a sensor will register this and the automatic system will start the cleaning process. The drum will start rotating and the stainless steel nozzles rinse the solids off the filter panel into the drain gutter. The drain gutter can be connected to a sewer so that everything is automatically discharged. You can also let it flow to a spot in the garden or barrel. 

The nozzles are fed by an industrial high-pressure pump that is attached to the filter by means of 2 reinforced EPDM hoses. The filtration continues on the clean filter panel during the rinse process, this allowing a continuous filtration process. This cycle repeats as often as necessary and fully automatically! Furthermore, our unique design of the filter panels prevents fragmentation through careful handling of the solids. This high filtration efficiency is essential in optimizing water quality parameters. 

The filter is designed in such a way that the water can flow through the filter without any back pressure, which significantly reduces power consumption compared to older filter methods. All this makes our rotary drum filter RDF PRO series a very efficient pre-filter system with little to no maintenance!

Benefits of a drum filter

  • Automatic cleaning, little maintenance
  • Larger filter area captures more solids at a faster flow rate
  • Interchangeable filter panel (20 to 500 microns)
  • Innovative design extremely reduces energy costs
  • Modular components improve operating reliability
  • A continuous filter process without interruption, even during the cleaning process


Aqua Exclusive offers standard three sizes of rotary drum filters:

  • RDF 30 PRO - Water flow up to 30.000 LPH
  • RDF 50 PRO - Water flow up to 50.000 LPH
  • RDF 100 PRO - Water flow up to 100.000 LPH

What makes Aqua Exclusive™ special:

  • Own production facility in the Netherlands.
  • Production, development and designing is done in-house.
  • Handmade with the utmost care and precision
  • Our products meet the highest standard, professional quality.
  • Unique customer service, 24/7 available!

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